One of the most overlooked parts on every vehicle is the belts and hoses. Very few people realize that their belts or hoses need replaced until their car stops running. Preventative maintenance can save you a lot of money. Aged belts and hoses can cause engine overheating as well as coolant leaks. And most of the time, the belts and hoses wont even look like they're in bad shape!

Vacuum and Radiator Hoses

Because hoses wear from the inside out, rot will occur inside the hose, meaning the outside will still look sturdy, when in fact it's not. Tiny cracks develop, causing the hose to leak or split. Just like oil leaks, it causes further deterioration. When you go to replace a belt or hose, its not suggested you use parts from aftermarket manufacturer. Further damage can occur if you don't use parts that are the exact same length, size and type. Hoses should be replaced every 5 years and inspected at the very least twice a year. Due to extreme temperature changes inside the engine compartment, the rubber eventually wears and begins to flake.

Timing & Serpentine Belt

Your vehicle may have several belts powering the air conditioner, alternator, and water pump etc. Some cars and trucks utilize a single large belt called the serpentine belt which can power multiple things at once. Belts in your car are a maintenance item and will start to crack or stretch over time causing it to make squealing noises or worse break.

Serpentine belt in your vehicle requires regular checks to ensure it is still in good working order. Serpentine belt failure can lead to overheating and/or dead battery. Your serpentine belt should be inspected twice a year and replaced when necessary.

Some vehicles still have timing belts that need to be replaced at factory specified intervals (typically at 60,000 miles). Your timing belt is one of the most important belts in the vehicle's engine. It keeps the position of cam shaft in sync with the crank shaft. This is one belt you do not want to break while driving as it can cause tremendous amount of damage. If your timing belt breaks while driving it can cause severe piston and cam shaft damage because of the low tolerances inside modern engine.

Carfinity / CarZone Service can diagnose and inspect your belts and hoses, order manufacturer certified parts and install them. Don't let such an inexpensive item cause expensive damage. Call today to make an appointment!

Radiator Hose

Serpantine Belt