If you live in Baltimore or pretty much any part of Maryland, you know our weather can get quite extreme at times. Trying to drive while you are freezing cold or have sweat running down your face can be quite an inconvinience. Carfinity / CarZone Service Center can ensure your heating and A/C in your car is working properly, and repair it if necessary.

Car Air Conditioners

Your vehicle A/C may not be on your mind in the winter months, but come summer time you are likely to reach for that button to stay cool. Car air conditioners are very similar to the A/C units in your home and require maintenance periodically. The most common problem you find with a vehicle's A/C unit is that it may run out of refrigerant. This problem can be fixed easily by adding freon to recharge your air conditioner. However, if you soon run out of freon again it may indicate a leaking condensor or refrigarant lines. Your air conditioner should not need to be recharged more than once in the life of the car as long as there are no other issues.

A modern vehicle's A/C system consists of several different components and it can be hard to diagnose cause of the problem yourself. Carfinity / CarZone Service Center offers complete diagnostic and repair for all your air conditioning problems. We can recharge your system, fix leaks and repair any electrical issues with your A/C.

Car Heating

The basics of vehicle heating systems may not have changed a lot in the last few years, but with advent of advanced electronics it has become more complex. Your vehicle's engine produces heat as a result of friction between moving parts. This heat is carried away by the engine oil, which is then transfered over to the coolant. If you have your heat on in the car, coolant then travels through a part called heater core. A blower motor blows air through the heater core to produce heat that you get through your vents in the car.

Many things can go wrong with the heating system of your vehicle. Your heater core can become clogged reducing or even completely cutting off the coolant circulation through it. Heater cores can become clogged even if rest of your cooling system is working fine. Because, lines for coolant flow are much thinner in the heater core than in your radiator. Your car heating system may also have many electrical components depending of the year and make of the vehicle.

You can rest easy knowing that Carfinity / CarZone Service Center can take care of all of your vehicle heating system problems. Whether it's your heater core or a problem with electronics in the heating system, we can identify and resolve the problem quickly and effectively.

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