Types of Transmissions

There are two basic types of transmissions, manual and automatic. With manual transmission driver has more control over the vehicle by dictating when to shift up or down. In automatic transmission gears are selected automatically to give you an optimal balance between fuel economy and vehicle speed. Both types have clutches, however, in automatics there is no physical clutch to depress before shifting gears like in manual transmission vehicles. Automatics require a much higher level of mechanical expertise than the manual, because of the complex nature of the system.

Aside from the manual and automatic, transmissions also come in four wheel drive, front wheel drive, and rear wheel drive. Type of drive system determines what set of wheels receive the power from the engine when gas pedal is pushed. In a four wheel drive system there is an added component called transfer case which also requires some maintenance to keep it running smooth.

Transmission Flush

Your vehicle's transmission requires maintenance, just like any other moving part in a car, to keep it running in prime condition. Transmission fluid exchange is typically performed around either 60,000 or 100,000 miles (check your owners manual for your vehicle manufacturer recomendation). Transmission fluid can be changed either by using a flush machine or by removing the transmission pan and filter. Your vehicle manufacturer may recommend one method over the other, however, they are both effective in reducing the wear on internal parts.

Flushing the system does remove more contaminents than simply draining the fluid and changing the filter. Transmission flush machines can replace the fluid in it's entirety as oppose to only two-thirds using the traditional drain and fill method which leaves behind some used fluid in the system. Carfinity / CarZone USA offers both methods of fluid extraction for your convenience.

Transmission Repair

Nowdays, transmissions are much more reliable than what they were used to be just a few years ago. Even with all the improvement in technology, they can still end up with problems if not taken care of properly. With hundreds of moving sprockets and wheels inside the transmission it can be easily damaged if debri ends up in your fluid.

At Carfinity / CarZone USA we employ highly trained technicians to work on your vehicle, so you can rest assured the repair will be done correctly. We can take care of all your transmission problems including even a transmission replacement. If your car has not been shifting correctly or your vehicle feels a bit jumpy, it may be time to have your transmission looked at. Transmission problems,if tackled at the first sign of the problem can be much more easier and less expensive to fix. Don't wait untill it becomes a much bigger problem, bring your car in to our service center today and have it checked out.

Clutch Repair

Both automatic and manual transmissions have cluches which engage the flywheel to transfer the power through transmission. Clutches allow for smooth shifting of gears while driving. Clutch receive a tremendous amount wear specially in manual transmissions, and can wear out over time. Worn out clutch can cause irratic shifting, slipping of gears, and in some cases strange noises coming from what seems like the engine. It is another one of those parts that can not be ignored if malfuntioning because it can end up causing other problems in the system.

If you are experiencing any type of problems with your transmission, clutch, or transfer case do not hesitate to call us or stop by our repair shop for a free estimate.