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Taking the right care of your vehicle's tires can significantly increase the life of your tires and it only takes a few minutes a week. Just by maintaining the proper air pressure and checking for unusual wear patterns can add quite a few miles to your tire's life and provide better MPG. You can check for your vehicle's recommended tire pressure in the owner's manual or on the driver side door jamb. Make sure to check your tire's pressure when the tire is cold, and especially in the morning before you have driven more than a mile.

If tires are not properly inflated they will run hotter. Excess heat in turn leads to premature tire failure. An under-inflated tire will wear on the outer edges faster than in the middle causing poorer fuel economy and bad handling. Over-inflated tires are just as bad as under-inflated ones, as they will also lead to tire failure. Over-inflation causes the tire to wear out faster in the middle of the tread, and can also lead to excess heat building up. Excess heat built up in tires is one of the most common reason for tire blow outs.

Carfinity / CarZone USA can also take care of all your tire related needs. We do everything from repairs and rotation to mounting and computerized tire balancing.

For repairs we use a patch on the inside of the tire instead of a plug to provide a more reliable and durable repair. We provide services for all tire types from standard to low profile, including lawn mower tires. We do not keep tires in stock, however, we can still get you quite reasonable prices on your new set of tires. Give us a call next time you need tires or a tire repair.

Why worry about tires:

Flat/blown out tires are one of most common reasons for car breakdowns

Bald/worn out tires do not perform well in inclement weather conditions

When it may be time for tire service:

If you can see the top of Lincolns head on a upside down penny in the thickest part of tire tread

If your car shakes or vibrates when driving at highway speeds or taking off

If your tire keeps losing air pressure or has a bulge

Most manufacturer's recommend rotation between 3000-7000 mi. (check your owners manual for recommendation)

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