Car Suspension

If you live in the city, you already know how detrimental city roads can be to your vehicle. From potholes to uneven pavement, your car absorbs tons of daily wear from uneven surfaces. Cold weather makes road conditions worse. As snow and sleet move into cracks, they widen and break, causing ruts and mega-potholes.

Your steering and suspension is a major component of your vehicle. Your vehicle suspension is comprised of your tires, springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connect a vehicle to its wheels. Hard road conditions can hurt your tires, put wear on your shocks and springs, and throw off your alignment. You may notice how annoying it is when your car pulls to the left, but what you don't notice is how much wear its putting on your car. From uneven tire tread to bad handling, a bad alignment can cause a lot more than just short tire life. Your suspension is a lot more than just your alignment, though. The suspension also protects the vehicle itself from damaging road conditions and wear and tear. If you're ever ridden in a car with “cut” springs or bad springs, you can feel how hard the car rides. Every little bump feels like a mountain and a speed bump could send you ten feet in the air! Other than being an inconvenience, this is putting tons of wear on the car. Every part is working harder and getting jerked around.

If you want your car to last, and have a smooth ride, its important to keep your car in top shape. Have your alignment done, check your shocks and springs, keep your tires inflated properly and check the tread. If its time for new tires, get them. If you cant afford new tires, Carfinity / CarZone Service can order slightly used tires that have plenty of life left for a fraction of the cost!

Don't let your suspension and steering cause an uncomfortable ride and terrible wear on your car. Come to Carfinity / CarZone Service today to let us handle all your vehicle's needs!

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