Oil Change Service

We recommend you follow your car manufacturer's suggestions for oil change intervals.

A car's motor oil gets contaminated by many things, including engine's metallic shavings, dust and even antifreeze. The additives in the oil itself will break down overtime and become a contaminant. As the contaminants build up in the oil, it causes sludge to form in the engine and will stick to engine parts. This will cause your engine to perform less efficiently and eventually it can lead to engine failure.

Not getting your oil changed regularly is not good for your engine's life expectancy. Especially if you drive your vehicle under severe conditions, which most of do. Severe driving conditions include driving short distances, stop and go traffic, driving in dusty conditions, long idling periods, towing, and cold weather driving. Contaminants even find there way into a car's oil in the form of moisture.

Carfinity / CarZone USA provides oil change service for all makes and models and provide both conventional and synthetic oil. We give your vehicle a thorough visual inspection (brakes, hoses, belt, tires etc.) and check all fluids at every service. Appointments are available for your convenience so you can be in and out quickly. Just click the button above to schedule your appointment today.

Why change your oil:

Changing oil at recommended intervals can increase the life your engine.

Not changing oil on time can void your car warranty

Over time, oil looses it's effectiveness even if you haven't driven much.

An oil change costs a lot less than the repairs needed if left unchanged.

When to change oil:

Most manufacturers recommend oil changes between 3000-7000 mi. (check your owner's manual for recomendation)