Your vehicle's headlights are one of the most important aspects of your car's safety. Without working headlights, the distance you can see becomes compromised, and when one is out, it can make it almost impossible. Your vehicle has a number of headlights. High beams, low beams and fog lights are all geared toward their specific environmental usage. Supplementing a high beam for a low beam, or vice versa, can cause detriment to yourself and others.

High Beam

High beams are important for nighttime driving. They make it possible to see farther, wider and clearer. On back roads, they illuminate turns, objects and animals. However, for passing drivers, they create glare making it impossible for them to see and causing split-second blindness. When a low beam is broken, many drivers will supplement by using their high beams full-time, causing a hazard to other drivers around them.

Low Beam

Just as driving full-time with high beams can be harmful, so can driving full time with low beams. Low beams allow a driver to see between 300 and 500 feet in front of them. They don't blind other drivers, but they do make it hard to see on dark nights or heavily forested areas. Because the light doesn’t travel as far- trees, turns and objects can make it seem like your headlights are barely working. Without a working high beam, driver's are at risk of missing sharp turns, fast running animals and even people that may step into the road. By having good high beams, it can be possible to see up to 1800 feet ahead, illuminating any possible hazards or obstructions.

Types of Headlights

But your cars headlights dont just stop at the type of beam! Today's cars also offer manual and self leveling headlights, xenons, high intensity discharge bulbs, colored bulbs, different shapes and sizes, etc. Replacing your car's headlights with ones that aren't a good fit can prove detrimental to your vision, your wiring, and your vehicle's value. At the same time, specialty bulbs can also cost a small fortune.

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