Fueling System

The fuel system of your vehicle is one of the most important components of your car. It stores and delivers the fuel that powers your vehicle. The fuel is delivered to the cylinder chamber, where it is then vaporized and burned, producing the power to run the car. Your fuel system is compromised of a few different components. They include your gas tank, the fuel lines, fuel pump, fuel injectors, carburetor and the combustion chamber. If any one of these components fail, the vehicle is unable to run.

Fuel System Cleaning & Filters

People who drive more frequently or long distances put more wear and tear on their fuel system. Every time you push the gas pedal, you are controlling how much fuel is being delivered. On new cars, you can watch your fuel economy change by either pressing or releasing the pedal. If you want to maintain good gas mileage, and a healthy car, it's vital that your car's fuel system stay clean and run well. Cars require fuel system cleanings periodically, as well as fuel filter replacements.

Carfinity / CarZone Service specializes in all makes and model, and all fuel types. From gas to diesel to ethanol, we can maintain and repair all your vehicle's fuel system components. To keep your vehicle operating at its best, we will replace your fuel filter as needed, preventing particles from finding their way into your fuel supply. We can also clean your fuel system, removing cylinder head deposits, intake valve deposits and removing fuel varnish build-up. Stop in today to learn more about our services!