Muffler Replacement & Exhaust Parts Repair

When it comes to your vehicle's muffler/exhaust system and emissions, Carfinity / CarZone USA can tackle all related problems.

We offer complete exhaust repair from exhaust manifolds to the muffler. Whether it's your catalytic converter, oxygen sensor or anything else that is causing the problem, we can diagnose and repair it effectively. We also provide emissions related repairs to help you pass your MD emissions inspection.


A damaged muffler/exhaust can be a serious health risk

If your muffler/exhaust system is not working properly you will not pass a MD emissions test


If driving with your windows up starts to makes you dizzy

If your vehicle sounds louder than it normally does

If your muffler seems to hang lower than usual

If you notice a hole or break in the exhaust pipes or the muffler

If you failed your emissions testing

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