Engine Repair & Overhaul

At Carfinity / CarZone USA Service Center our expert technicians are able to tackle even the most complicated engine problems. We have the equipment to diagnose any foreign or domestic vehicle and the expertise to have it running like new again. We offer repair and overhaul services both for gasoline and diesel engines at affordable rates.

Even though car engines have come a long way just in the last few years, they still require regular maintenance to keep them running strong. Lack of proper maintenance or use of incorrect parts and/or fluids can cause damage to your car's engine. Use of wrong type of oil can cause damage to your cylinder heads and block causing your vehicle to run rough or even break down.

It is usually a good idea to have your vehicle checked out at the very first sign of engine trouble before it becomes a much bigger problem. Today’s engines have much smaller tolerances and can be damaged severely if problems are not corrected in a timely manner.

Don't ignore that tapping noise from your engine or the excess smoke coming from your exhaust, stop in at Carfinity / CarZone USA and have us check it out and put your mind at ease.

Engine Replacement

Unfortunately, sometimes your engine may not give you any warning before going up in smoke and you may not have the chance to have it fixed before complete failure. It is not the most ideal situation, however, Carfinity / CarZone USA is here to make it a much tolerable process.

Our technicians will properly diagnose the cause of failure and will provide you with all available options to remedy the problem. It may not be possible in all cases to save your engine and a replacement may be required or might be the cheaper option. You can rest assured knowing we are a Jasper authorized dealer and can get you a replacement engine at a very reasonable price and have your car running like new again.

Carfinity / CarZone USA engine repair