CV Axles

Your vehicle C/V, or constant velocity joints, are flexible joints with ball-bearing construction that transfer power from the trans-axle to the wheels. C/V joints are especially vital to 4WD or city vehicles, which ride harder and on more vigorous terrain. As you go over bumps, potholes and hard terrain, the C/V joints absorb the shock and evenly transfer the power.

FWD vehicles have two CV axles while 4WD and AWD vehicles have four. Corroded or locked CV joints will stop the power transfer, breaking the C/V axle. If you hear a humming or growling noise, a popping or clicking noise when turning, a vibration when accelerating, or a vibration with increasing speeds, your C/V joints may be failing. Once it does, the C/V axle will be next.

Your C/V axle is a pole-like part that connects your wheels to your transmission. It allows your wheels to rotate. Without it, the vehicle will not move. Comprised of the CV joints, the shaft, and the boots, grease is one of the most important components of this system. Without proper lubrication, dirt enters the joints and wears out the axle. When the axle fails, the whole system will need to be replaced.

Carfinity / CarZone Service can visually inspect your CV axle system, repair and replace all components. Call today to learn more!

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