Cooling System Service

Radiator Flush

We recommend you follow your car manufacturer's suggestion for your coolant replacement intervals.

Carfinity / CarZone USA provides all radiator and cooling system related services. From a radiator flush to water pump and radiator replacement, to repair. Whether you need a radiator hose replaced or your thermostat is acting up, Carfinity / CarZone can provide you with optimal service. Don't ignore that rising temperature guage and come and see us at Carfinity / CarZone!


It is cheaper to maintain your cooling system and radiator than to repair it.

Overheating is one of the most common causes for car breakdowns.


If your car is running hotter than normal

If you notice a puddle of green or pink liquid under your car

If your radiator keeps needing to be refilled

Most manufacturers recomend a radiator flush between 30-100k mi. (check your owners manual for recomended schedule)