Car Batteries

Vehicle batteries are a wear and tear item and will eventually need to be replaced. Your battery provides the power to start the engine when the key is turned in the ignition. Car battery can go bad prematurely if overloaded or if used repeatedly for extended periods of time while the car is not running. Drained battery can easily be revived by providing a jump start and letting the engine run to recharge it. However, jumping your battery repeatedly can cause the cells in the battery to go bad and prevent it from keeping a charge.

Carfinity / CarZone Service Center is an authorized Interstate battery dealer, which means we can get you a great price on one of the best batteries available on the market. We offer both new and Interstate refurbished batteries with warranties up to 5 years. Give us a call today if you need your battery replaced, charged, or just want it checked out before a long trip.

Car Alternator

Your car alternator generates electricity to recharge your battery and to keep your car running. Once the vehicle is started using the power from the battery the alternator takes over the role of providing electricity to the engine. If your alternator is not working, your car will stop running just after a few minutes even after fully charging the battery. Your alternator may not give you any signs of trouble before completely going out.

Carfinity / CarZone offers alternor testing, repair and replacement at reasonable rates for all vehicle makes and models. We can also locate a remanufactured alternator to help you save some money on the repairs.

Car Starter

Starter's job in your vehicle is to rotate your internal combustion engine to start it. Without a working starter your car will not start, leaving you stranded. Starters usually give some signs of problem before completely quitting on you. You may notice that your car is taking longer than usual to start. You may also notice that sometimes your engine makes no cranking sounds when the key is turned or that it's cranking really slow. These may be signs that your alternator is almost about to quit working all together.

We can troubleshoot and identify any of your vehicle's electrical problems, regardless of the culprit behind the issue. With our experinced techs working on your car you can rest assured your vehicle will be diagnosed and repaired properly the first time.

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